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How Coffee Helps You With Trisome Games

Finally, a competition that puts the best Down Syndrome athletes on one stage! The Trisome Games is that competition. The games for the first time in 2016 in Florence Italy. It saw some of the strongest competitors in events like gymnastics, swimming, and athletics.
One of the star athletes of the 2016 games gave us a glimpse into what made her excel in over five events. She chose to remain anonymous but told us coffee was her secret tool for excellence.
Can Coffee Help You Win?
We didn’t believe her at first. Research has shown coffee can have a positive impact on athletes. The next Trisome games in 2020 promise to have fierce competition. They expect an increase in the 1000 athletes in 2016. If you’re a focused athlete looking to earn gold. Here’s how coffee can help.
Coffee Can Improve Performance
A shot of espresso can rev you up to perform your best. Our star Trisome athlete was able to improve her times at the games. She attributes it to caffeine. Research has shown coffee can make the body use fat as fuel. That means less strain on the muscles, and the athlete has sugars as a backup source. It also improves concentration. Athletes can make better decisions and recall their training.
Coffee Reduces Pain After Competing
Research shows that coffee after competing or exercise can reduce soreness. It is useful for those resuming training after an offseason. Pain is more intense, so a drug-free aid helps.
If you have multiple events to enter on the same day, try some. The jolt of caffeine can keep your muscles loose, and blood pumping.
So an iced coffee helped our anonymous athlete compete in back to back events, with minimal pain. She was able to easily medal in those events.
Coffee Delays Exhaustion
The last 50 meters, the last swimming lap, or the last set in tennis. They all push you to the brink of exhaustion. Our trisome athlete said that she was able to push herself a little harder at the end of her events. It was the difference between fourth place and a medal.
There has been some research to back that up. A 2012 publication explored the acute effect of coffee on training. The athletes tested in two groups. Researchers instructed one group to consume caffeine before their workout. Those who did not consume burnt out faster than those who did. It could be a placebo but our successful interviewee did not care. It got the job done.
Your Coffee Regimen At The Next Trisome Games
Coffee has no negative impact on people with Down Syndrome. So a relaxing day with brewing coffee or intense training with a cup of java won’t hurt. You don’t want to overdo it, as you can build up a resistance.
Have a cup of black coffee two or three hours before your event. Another cup helps those sore muscles recover, post-event. Don’t drink it too close to competing, unless you don’t mind throwing up.
Your Brew Is Your Secret Weapon
The last games were intense. Whether it’s improving your concentration, endurance, or reducing pain. Coffee helps you with trisome games preparation and competition.
You need an edge over your competitors. Coffee is a safe, legal way to keep you focused. For the next trisome games, keep some nearby. A few sips of that Starbucks can get you over the finish line.