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How to keep fit even with the lockdown

Generally, for everyone, staying fit is one of the most important things you need to do. You remain healthy and strong by doing so. While it may seem ordinary, it helps to keep you happy and positive. This reason is why children are most excited and rarely worried. No matter what goes on in their life, they spend time exercising and keep their minds relaxed. They’re not bothered by negative news, and even if a problem does arise, they quickly forget.

While this may apply to all, it’s most necessary for the person involved in competitive sports. You don’t want to come back to your team and flop. You wouldn’t want a situation where you lose form completely and disappoint your fans on resumption.

I have decided to write this article, hoping it’d prove beneficial if you adhere to it. These are my secrets of healthy living during this time of our lives. By practicing my tips, you’ll find that you have a healthy immune system against COVID-19, avoid being overweight, and improve your general health. You’ll also find out that you’ll be in the best emotional and psychological state.

Healthy Diet and Portion Control

This lockdown could be the most challenging situation you’ve ever found yourself in. During periods normalcy, you’d eat breakfast early enough, take your lunch during a break at work and eat little at dinner. For some people, they don’t even eat lunch.

It’s now more tempting than ever to eat more often and burn little energy. When you’re idle, your brain sends signals to your body for more food. To stay healthy and avoid being overweight, avoid eating too much and too often. Spending more time eating a balanced diet can help you avoid gaining more weight than usual. Chewing your food slowly is also a proven way to avoid being obese.

You’ll need to avoid high-carb diets and dairy products. These carbohydrates convert to glycogen; then, your body stores them since you rarely leave home or go to work due to the lockdown. You’ll find that after consuming too many carbs, you accumulate more weight and feel tired easily.

There are nutritional diets to consider eating often. If you keep to them, you will come out after the lockdown with little changes compared to others.

Consider Going Vegan

Eating more vegetarian diets can be the best decision you’ll make this period. These are diets that contain no animal food products. They’re whole plant-based diets.

Veganism reverses different underlying conditions. These include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, heart diseases, and more. People with these health conditions are at high-risk during this pandemic. You might want to stay safe by going vegan. It’d boost your immune system and help your body resist the fast-spreading virus.

Aim for Ketosis

A little similar to veganism, ketosis involves low-carb, high-fat, and moderate protein diets. It’s one of the best means to lose weight fast. Although it’s not very easy, when you’re just starting, you’ll tend to get hungrier than usual. As such, you may tempt you to retreat. However, a ketogenic diet supplement should enable you to go through this process without repeated hunger pangs. These diets, whether vegetarian or ketogenic, would keep you fit.

Regular Indoor Workouts

Everyone one is indoors, both the most diligent and not-so-diligent. The fact that the lockdown had kept us all indoors doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Consider engaging in various indoor exercises. There are a plethora of options to choose from on YouTube. You can also watch this space for exercise recommendations.

Consistent Routine Daily Exercises

There are many exercises you can do on your own. These activities help you sweat, burn energy, and keep you physically agile. They’re straightforward, and you can even start immediately after reading this article. Play with the children, run with your family up and down the stairs, or skip with a jump rope. Playing music and dancing with the kids won’t be less fun either.

You might also want to do regular push-ups and pull-ups every morning when you wake up.

Join A Virtual Class Online

Since the lockdown began, almost everyone has improvised ways of getting things done without being present physically. There are many online lessons from famous sportspersons and trainers. You might want to join one, especially if you’re bored doing it alone.

You can also join the trend: #HomeWorkouts, on social media, and hook up to the video exercises with your favorite celebrities.


You won’t lose your fitness even in this lockdown if you adhere to the above. That said, adequately balanced diets would go a long way in helping you avoid excess weight.

On the other hand, physical exercises will help your body to release feel-good hormones, continually. Staying idle not only makes you weak, but it also causes your body to release stress hormones like cortisol. What you need now is what makes you positive and hopeful. You don’t need to be stressed out psychologically this period. A consistently balanced diet and regular physical workouts could be all you need to pull through.

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